Health Care Professionals Referral Networking

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NW Pain Relief has been working on a project to create a large networking group of open-minded health professionals. This group has grown to over one hundred members in less than six months. The group, Health Care Professionals Referral Networking (, is working to create a non-profit organization dedicated to providing networking events and business related workshops for health professionals.

The dream is that health professionals will get to know each other, work more efficiently, hold events to raise money for medical research, and promote the advancement of integrative medicine. We want to make sure patients are being given all their options when they work with their medical team.

We imagine a patient interaction would change from “Take these pills and/or have this surgery” to “You could try acupuncture, massage, etc. before taking pills and here are some suggestions for providers who specialize in this….”

We want to create a “climate of helpfulness” in the integrated medicine community by encouraging collaboration instead of competition. There are plenty of people who need help and we need to find the way to help them best more efficiently.

If you are a health provider of any kind, please join us FREE –

If you are a patient, you can help Health Care Professionals Referral Networking succeed by asking your health care team if they are a member of HCPRN. If they aren’t, please invite them to visit our website at and to join HCPRN so you can know you’re being told all your options as a patient.

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